Ascending Heart Academy



How to Stay in Integrity with Discount Pricing

How you can offer discounts on your high end services and remain in integrity with your value.

The Hidden Secret Behind the Law of Attraction

Learn the secret that most people don't talk about when teaching the Law of Attraction and what's the missing link to getting it to "work for you."

How to Avoid Burnout in Your Business

How you can shift from masculine energy into feminine energy so you can feel more yourself in your business and attract through freedom and ease.

The Comparison Game

What's behind self-minimizing as a woman entrepreneur when you compare yourself to others and how you can shift out of this mindset to stay in positive momentum.

From Pleasing to Leading

Learn how you can stop pleasing others so you can become a confident, feminine leader in your business.

Why Facing Your Fear and Acting Anyway Doesn't Work and What You Must Do First.

How to break the cycle of negative emotions and align your actions with the outcome you desire.

For the Love of Money

Discover your relationship with money and how you can shift your energy to align with receiving MORE!

Ignite Your Inner Gifts

Connect with your inner gifts and ignite your passion for your Soul-aligned work!

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