Star Hayward.

ascending heart business coach

If you crave Freedom in your Soul-aligned work, and are ready to move past sabotage and self-minimizing I am here to help you
Own your Divine Power
and become a Confident, Profitable,
Feminine Leader in your business.

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Star Hayward.

ascending heart business coach

I’ve always been a free spirit!
As an independent woman, my passion to live a free and authentic life has always ignited me and propelled me forward – to experience deeper, to connect more, to learn, to grow, and to discover…

I became an entrepreneur because I never wanted to work for anyone else. I’ve been determined to live my life on my own terms and by my own rules. I started my path as a business owner in 2003, and although I managed a couple small corporations along the way, I always knew those were just stepping stones to enhance my entrepreneurial path. Through my commitment to fulfilling my passions and purpose in this life, I steered my way back to doing the work I really love… my Soul-aligned work.

Star Hayward

But it wasn't always easy.
l had to face my biggest fears and learn what it was going to take to overcome not being enough for myself. As a result of abandonment and scarcity issues in my childhood, I didn’t make the most loving choices in my adult life and for years I struggled with self-sabotaging behaviors that had me losing things I had worked really hard for over and over again. It took feeling this pain and loss to realize that I didn’t have to dive off mountains to live life on my own terms, and to learn what it meant to really LOVE and ACCEPT myself.

I knew I was destined for more...
My deep connection to who I am, what I know is possible, and my courage to dream has been the driving force to keep digging deep for answers. I discovered that what I was missing, as I was running away from old wounds, accomplishing and destroying so much in the process, was self-love. A spring of DEEP, profound, unconditional LOVE within myself. 

It sounds simple enough, that self-love is the answer… Well it is and it isn’t. We all have layers and layers of conditioning, habitual self-minimizing to hide our greatness, and protect our stories that keep us from becoming who we need to be to manifest our dreams into reality.

As women, not accepting and fully OWNING our feminine power is at the root of what prevents us from feeling fulfilled and joyful while attracting incredible abundance into our lives.


Feel Alive, Vibrant and Juicy while running your business!
Align with your Authentic Divine Power and serve through your
Ascending Heart frequency!

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As an Ascending Heart Business Coach
I have over two decades of experience in personal growth, spiritual development, reaching potential in mind, body, and soul, and high performance practices. In my career I’ve coached over 100 women-entrepreneurs on business, mindset, and self-love mastery. I’ve always seen that if the feminine side was not integrated into her business, this woman would inevitably feel incomplete, dissatisfied, lacking self-confidence, and stuck in the hamster-wheel of procedures and tactics, struggling to feel fulfilled.

The answer isn't only about integrating the feminine, but in bringing the feminine and masculine energies into balance and stepping into one's Divine power through the frequency of unconditional Love.

This is why I developed
"Ascending Heart Business Mastery"

It’s an Exclusive 6-month Custom Program
for Heart-Centered Woman-Entrepreneurs like you,
Who Desire to become
Empowered, Confident and Fulfilled
Feminine Leaders in their Business –
with Freedom and Ease!I

I know you're longing to let your Heart Ascend to Harmonious Freedom and I am so looking forward to guiding you to find your Confidence to step into the Highest Expression of your Unique Gifts and Create lasting Fulfillment doing the work you Love.

Click the link below to set up a free no-obligation conversation with me...
So we can begin.

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